Arizona health insuranceObamacare, also know as The Affordable Care Act, has put health care and Arizona health insurance within reach of Americans who have gone without and has helped many who have been denied coverage in the past.  There are pros and cons to the act, but some of the positive attributes can be very helpful to consumers. What are some of the key components of the Act?

About denial of coverage

In the past, many health insurance companies denied coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. This was a problem the Act rectifies. Today, no Arizona health insurance company like this, can deny a new application for a pre-existing condition. They must be given coverage.

In the same way, supposed you want to switch health insurance companies, but your daughter has a chronic illness. In the past, a new insurer could deny coverage to the child, but no more. Today, a new insurer may not refuse to cover a child who has a chronic illness.

In the past, some companies would drop a family member who got ill, leaving them without any coverage at all. This cannot happen under the Act, nor can any insurance company limit the amount of insurance that is used to pay for an ailment.

Adding adult children to health insurance

It’s now possible for you to add to your policy any adult children up to age 26, whether they live at home or not and whether or not they are married. A fee will apply, as you might expect, but the will have coverage on your policy if you choose.

No more surprise rate hikes, either. The Act mandates that insurers get approval from the state if they want to impose higher rates.  With this kind of advance notice, all insureds are able to seek a company that they can afford.

Here is another positive:  No more use of premiums for excessive executive pay. Arizona health insurance companies must spend at least 80 percent of their premiums on actual medical service provision and not on executive salaries or advertising.  If they don’t do this, they must pay any overages back to their policyholders.

Seniors on Medicare can get wellness and preventive care visits at no charge under the Affordable Care act.  The idea behind it is to keep seniors healthy and avoid expensive hospital visits.