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HostsVault built its business around customer satisfaction. This is proven by our hosting plans, you receive just what you pay for. We stand by our business with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Why not choose HostsVault to help you start your web hosting company. Our professional grade Xen VPS plans will be a great kick start to your business.

Is your website a little too much for a shared server? Do you need more flexability? Then upgrade to a Xen Virtual Server!

Do you want to learn Linux better? How about full root access to your very own Linux VPS? Just look below or ask for a custom quote by contacting us.

With HostsVault we deliver what you have paid for. No empty promises, no hidden terms.

Plan X-Lite X-Regular X-Pro
Disk Space (RAID 10) The amount of space available to store your files. We use RAID 10 which provides reduntant protection in the event of hard drive failure and the speed of dual transfer speed. 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth The amount of transfer allowed by month. 100 GB 200 GB 350 GB
Guaranteed RAM The amount of RAM that will available at all times.
*1 GB=1024 MB / 1.5 GB=1536 MB
512 MB 1 GB* 1.5 GB*
SWAP The amount of additional RAM available in the event of a usage spike preventing any lagging or crashing. Amount listed also includes the guaranteed RAM.
* 1GB=1024MB / 2GB=2048MB / 3GB=3072MB
512 MB 1 GB 1.5GB
CPU Core The number of CPU cores that is available at any given time. 1 1 2
IP Addresses The number of different IP Addresses available. 1 1 1
Instant Reboots Easily reboot your system with the click of a button. Yes Yes Yes
Instant OS Reloads Change the OS with a simple click. Available OS: Debian, Fedora, CentOS, SUSE, and Ubantu. Yes Yes Yes
Setup Fee Always free no matter what services you choose or subscription length. FREE FREE FREE
Price Price per month regardless of subscription length. $9.99 $14.99 $19.99
Add Ons X-Lite X-Regular X-Pro
License $16.00/mo $16.00/mo $16.00/mo
Server Management Complete and Total management of the server in which your account resides on. $20.00/mo $20.00/mo $20.00/mo
Additional IP Address 1 additional IP address available to your system. $1.50/mo $1.50/mo $1.50/mo
Softaculous Easy to use script loader. $2.50/mo $2.50/mo $2.50/mo
Setup Time Instantly after payment.
cPanel requires 24 hours to setup.
Instantly after payment.
cPanel requires 24 hours to setup.
Instantly after payment.
cPanel requires 24 hours to setup.
VPS Features
  • Seattle Location
  • Optional Server Management
  • Multiple Operating Systems
  • SolusVM Control Panel
  • Instant OS Reloads
  • Guaranteed RAM
  • Double Burstable RAM
  • Reliable Hardware
  • Instant Reboots
  • RAID-10 Protected Nodes

24x7 Support
30 Day Money
99.9% Uptime
Shared Hosting Plan Includes:
  • Multi language control panel
  • Automated daily backups
  • RAID 10 protected storage
  • Softaculous Scripts Autoinstaller
  • 24/7 Award Winning Support
See what our customer say

Thank you! I've never worked with a more professional and helpful support team than you all! Please give my thanks to everyone there.

Travis Weems

Xen Technology
  • Better for gaming servers
  • Better for demanding applications (Like Java for instance)
  • Behaves more like a dedicated server
  • Dedicated resources
  • Securely isolated VPSs
  • Swap not burst
  • Kernel Modifcation if needed

Xen is closer to ‘proper’ hardware virtualisation in that all of the VPSs on a node are completely separate and each have dedicated resources allocated to them.

 Also, since each VPS has it’s own kernel, each VPS can run a different OS and additional kernel modules can be installed.

Our Xen VPSs are paravirtualised which means you can run any OS that supports this such as Linux, BSD and Solaris among others.

HostsVault News

    12/28/2012 - HostsVault System Outage

    Hi Everybody,

    On 12-28-12 we had a provider outage of 12 hours. There is a problem with their Fiber uplinks that they're in the process of resolving. Here is the message from the provider:

    As many of you know, we have been experiencing intermittent Internet Traffic delays throughout the day. These delays have caused periodic latency and in some cases short outages. Our technicians are diligently working with our Fiber Network providers and upstream network providers to identify and resolve the problem.

    We appreciate your patience and apologize for this.

    We will keep you posted.

    As of right now 12-28-12 at 927pm PST they are still having problems. They're working on it and we'll be up and down while they do so.

    I assure you that our servers are 100% functional hardware wise and this is strictly a provider/networking problem. It affects every customer this Data Center has and is not isolated to just our systems.

    Thank you for your continued patience as we await a final resolution from them. Once I have the 100% "all clear" alert from them I'll pass it along. At this time we're hopeful it's been resolved but will remain on alert until we hear from them.

    As always please submit a support ticket with any questions.

    Thank you all.



    10/29/2012 - Celebrate 200+ Day uptime with us!

    We have reached over 200 days up time on our shared server this week. To celebrate we're offering 1 Free month on all of our Shared Hosting packages for new clients. Just sign up with code 200FreeM. The Offer Ends on December 1st to take advantage of it while it lasts!

    10/10/2012 - Updated the Dedicated server offerings!

    We've updated our dedicated server page located:

    We added the latest servers we have in stock at very reasonable prices. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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